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Leave your music in the hands of experts in custom cheer production, and watch your sound climb to a whole new level with New Level Music!



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Our team of creative and innovative producers, engineers, and artists create the soundscape of your story to make your performance bigger, better, and bolder. We do this with the best customer service in the industry.



How many producers create music at New Level Music?

We have 13 incredibly talented producers who create custom music here at New Level. Each has a unique style and sound.  You can visit our YouTube & SoundCloud to hear more, or email for more information.

What mix packages do we offer?

We offer Semi original land semi-original+ mix packages that are created with vocal and musical content from our license song catalogs.  We also offer full original mix and fully original X- Mix packages that are created with vocal and musical content from your chosen producers.  Need more details about each package? Email

What length of custom cheer music do you offer?

We offer set pricing for 1:30, 2:00, 2:15, and 2:30 mixes. However, if you need something a little more specific like a 30-second tryout mix or a 1:00 partner stunt mix, let us know.  Email and we will get you scheduled today.

What is our turnaround time?

We have a two week turnaround time for all mixes. You will choose one of your favorite producer’s available dates, and then we will give you a submission and completion date. Simple! You submit your routine materials by the submission date and you’ll receive your mix on or before the completion date.  Email info@newlevelmusic.comfor availability.

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