Quest for the Crown




Do you have what it takes to be Cheerleading’s next vocal star? The winner will receive a Cheer Music Pro contract with features in 2020-2021 Worlds mixes and the 2020 NLM Sound Track. Follow the instructions below to enter and win!



1. Choose from the instrumentals below
2. Choose from the lyrics below
3. Post a video of yourself recording the vocal in your own flow or style to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #NewLevelQuest20






You about to step into the zone, yeah it’s on now
Hope you checked your vision for the 2020 Quest Crown
Yeah, pump the bass up, give me some more treble
Turn up your energy to a whole New Level

Bounce to the beat and do yo dance, pump up your arms to the ceiling fans
While you feel the rhythm of the New Level Jam, I’ma swipe the crown out the whole world’s hands
Ladies, rock, pop, shake, and don’t you stop til the whole earth quakes
Fellas, make some noise right now, while I flow for the 2020 Quest For The Crown

Come on let’s do it! The clock starts now
New Level Music! It’s time to go down
Let the whole world feel your soul
If you want the crown, then give it all ’til it’s all yours

Hands to the sky!
It’s time for a rise
Break through the sky
To New Levels New Heights
Buckle up, and sit tight, It’s gonna be a crazy ride
To New Levels New Heights