Quest for the Crown




Want to be Cheerleading’s next rapping or singing star? The winner will receive a Cheer Music Pro contract with features in 2019-2020 Worlds mixes and the 2019 NLM Sound Track. Follow the instructions below to enter and win!



1. Choose from the instrumentals below
2. Choose from the lyrics below
3. Post a video of yourself recording the vocal in your own flow or style to Twitter with the hashtag #NewLevelQuest19






Let’s give them more, up to a new level
The spotlight’s out, are you ready to go
Let’s give them more, up to a new level
Let’s show the world what they’ve never seen before

Turn up the heat, get lit get turnt
You feel the beat drop, it’s time to go to work
Play the game and change it, that’s what happens when you legendary
Set the bar and raise it up to New Level Territory

This is my PSA, tell the world that I’m here to slay
The competition don’t mean a thing when you’re great, so let me take my place
Welcome to brand new heights, let’s take a tour of excellence
If you want a whole new level, then you got to show me everything

The lights, the flashing is everything to me
The star of the action is who I’m born to be
It’s my destiny, my destiny
So watch out for me, while I live my destiny